Jubilation’s general manager, Shane Gabis, loves his job and enjoys getting to spend time with the community’s residents.

Jubilation GM: ‘Helping others is the right thing’

The way Shane Gabis tells it, senior living found him. As the General Manager of Jubilation by Silver Companies, he’s in his element. He loves what he is responsible for at the 55+ community and enjoys getting to spend time with the members.
Shane started working with seniors and giving back at a young age. He grew up with service ingrained in him and was taught by his father to be a good neighbor.
“I grew up in northern Michigan in a small town. We had elderly neighbors. I shoveled snow, mowed their lawn and did other little tasks,” said Shane. “My Dad would tell me I was not going to accept a penny for doing these things, helping others is the right thing to do.”
Shane worked a part-time security job at a retirement community in Kalamazoo, Michigan, while in college.
“Senior living was not something I went and looked for. It found me. I fell in love with the members there,” he said. “The Independent Living residents were always OK and could handle asking for things. As you moved up the care levels it was not so. I then became an advocate for them.”
Now at Jubilation since June 2021 and after two decades in the senior living industry, Shane said he gets to see the vision of what he believes is the future of senior living.
“It’s so forward thinking and focused on hospitality. It’s a culture of service where we anticipate the needs and wants of our residents. I would say it’s engagement at a different level.”
Shane said the team at Jubilation is full of people who have experience in hospitality and intentionally outside of senior living. “They are incredibly creative, and our culture of members focused service delivery is our flavor. We all drink the Kool-Aid!”
An example of this culture and commitment from the team includes a team member hearing about a resident who was supposed to receive flowers during the holidays. There was a delivery delay and the flowers arrived looking less than fresh and not very pretty. She knew the resident was so disappointed that she went to the florist, bought more flowers and delivered them to the resident on behalf of Jubilation.


Jubilation by Silver Companies, is located at 1301 Ashford Circle.

It’s so forward thinking and focused on hospitality. It’s a culture of service where we anticipate the needs and wants of our members.
I would say it’s engagement at a different level.


“This is the kind of team we are building, have and hope for. Our team knows the members on a very deep level,” Shane said. “Throughout my career, I learned the importance of staff engagement. Having them focus not just on the how we doing things, but the ‘why’ in why they do it.”
Shane said he has a plaque on his office wall that reads: “Play like a champion today.” He looks at it all the time and tells others as they leave his office to touch it or read it. “We focus on excellence in every aspect of operations.” Another huge and important part of Shane’s commitment to the community and its residents is providing a plethora of activities and events for residents, loved ones and prospective residents.
From clubs, fitness, dining events, trivia nights, a 20,000-square-foot clubhouse and so much more, residents are provided varying options for socialization and engagement.

At Jubilation, residents enjoy concierge services in a five-star resort environment. Jubilation consists of 207 maintenance-free one or two-bedroom luxury apartments. Residents have access to the clubhouse, an ideal place for socializing with friends and neighbors. Jubilation has a variety of recreational activities, from daily breakfast and weeknight tapas-style dinner to yoga and spinning classes, all organized by an on-site entertainment director.
There are indoor and outdoor heated saltwater pools and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Other spa facilities, which include a sauna, steam, and massage rooms, are available. Jubilation is partnering with Mary Washington Healthcare to provide an on-site medical concierge to assist in arranging VIP medical services and ongoing educational seminars.
The residents rave about the food, entertainment and are enjoying meeting their new neighbors and friends.
One of the most rewarding parts of Shane’s role is seeing the residents come in, the interaction, and them making friends so easily.
“I love seeing the relationships that form as their lives get more active. It’s so rich,” he said.
In his spare time, Shane is an avid bourbon collector. He enjoys, like a lot of people, scoring a rare find. He equates rare bourbon to “living history” as each bottle is completely different. Shane and his wife are pet rescue advocates. “We are huge animal lovers and enjoy helping them find forever homes. I want to make a difference in everything I do.”
If he had to choose just three words to describe himself, they would be: grateful, funny and caring.
Shane gets inspiration from anyone who shows a level of commitment. His example is Navy SEAL David Goggins. He was about 300 pounds, came from a dysfunctional family and decided he was going do something about it. David became a Navy SEAL by going through the Naval training program. Shane is in awe and said that nobody does that. “He was ‘willing to do the work’ and is ‘just incredible.’”